Version 0.8.0

A new version has been pushed to F-droid!

Although this isn't the biggest release, it's still a big step: the first release of iOS will be available! The build is currently still in review by Apple.

You can download the iOS app via TestFlight soon, join to get the link immediately when it's available!

Other changes

  • Add .well-known support!
  • Automatically update homeserver property in 'Advanced' while typing username
  • Fix messages being wrongly grouped by sender
  • Fix direct chats staying marked as direct when someone else joins

Android vs. iOS comparison

Preview image 1 Preview image 2

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If you stumble upon any issues, please report them! You can login via GitHub and , so it's really easy to do!

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I've invested a lot of money in making Pattle happen on iOS: MacBook, Apple Developer Program, and an iPhone. Pretty costly, so any donations will be greatly appreciated!