Version 0.15.0

A new version has been made available and will become available on Google Play and TestFlight!

Because of corona this might take longer than usual.


  • A lot has changed internally, expect to have a smoother experience! (See also the Matrix Dart SDK release)
  • A new logo is here! Designed by bo_rad!
  • Logging in has completely been revamped
  • For the initial sync (after login) a splash screen is shown
  • Chats in the overview are now separated by two tabs: Chats and channels
  • There's now a navigation drawer, which will be filled with useful actions in the future. For now it's just a place to go to Settings
  • Message times are now shown on the same line, if possible
  • Replies have been redesigned
  • Buttons or list tiles that didn't do anything have been removed to avoid confusion
  • Image sending has been improved, the image is now shown immediately in the timeline
  • Push notifications don't popup when the respectful chat is opened
  • Push notifications are now grouped by chat
  • Push notifications are hidden when opening the respective chat
  • Messages are immediately marked as read, previously was after 2 seconds of having it opened
  • Some colors in the dark theme have been altered
  • Ability to create a chat has temporarily been removed, it wasn't functioning well and will be completely redone

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Issues or suggestions

If you stumble upon any issues or would like to suggest features, please do so here! You can login via GitHub and!

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