Version 0.11.0

A new version has been pushed to F-Droid, Google Play and TestFlight!

Pattle is now available on Google Play and the official F-Droid repository!

F-Droid users ️: The old repository ( is gone! Please use the official F-Droid repository.

Expect the new version to be on most platforms in 2 days.


  • Fix UI not updating on sync!

  • Add ability to send images from your gallery!

  • Use Material Design on iOS (although with slight changes to fit iOS)

  • Reporting errors to Sentry is now optional, you can choose so at login time

    I do urge everyone to enable it to help me develop Pattle!

  • Show a dialog with the option to choose between register and login if the server does not have the ability to check for username availability

  • Show notification count in chat overview

    Default notifications will be grey, highlighted notifications will be red.

    Chats with unread notifications will always show on top.

  • Send read markers and receipts when a chat is opened for 2 seconds

  • Add ability to show password while logging in

  • Pattle will now show up as 'Pattle Android' or 'Pattle iOS' in the device list

  • Decrease spacing between items

  • Fix spacing of messages when sending a new message

  • Numerous other fixes

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