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A new version has been pushed to F-droid and TestFlight!
### Changes
- Fix the infamous `FormatException: Not a valid url: ` error!
- Room upgrades are now handled!
- Upgraded rooms are now hidden from the overview
- To access older messages from the previous room,
simply scroll up: the timeline is seamless
- Improve performance of loading the overview.
Opening the app should be a lot quicker now!
- Improve performance of loading a chat
- Add ability to swipe through images in a chat (thanks to Nathan van Beelen!)
[**See preview here!**](
### Get Pattle
- **Android**:
- **F-droid**
1. Add the following repo in F-droid:
2. Install 'Pattle'
- **APK**: Download from the assets of this release
- **iOS** (TestFlight): [Follow the instructions here!](
### Issues
If you stumble upon any issues,
[please report them](!
You can [login via GitHub and](
, so it's really easy to do!
### Follow development
Follow development in [](!
### Support me
If you would like to support me, you can now do so
via [Liberapay]( and
I've invested a lot of money in making Pattle happen
on iOS: MacBook, Apple Developer Program, and an iPhone.
Pretty costly, so any donations will be greatly appreciated!
### What to expect in the next release
- Fix timeline jump issues
- Remove redundant state messages when a room is upgraded
- Start work on chat details screen (members, change name, etc.)
- And more!
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