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A new version has been made available and will become
available on Google Play and TestFlight!
Because of corona this might take longer than usual.
### Changes
- Huge performance improvements! All SDK processing now happens in a different isolate (comparable to a thread)!
- Also huge start up time improvement! When opening the app you should see your chats in
*less than or equal to a second*! (will vary per device)
- You'll now see two checkmarks when a message is read!
- Add Dutch translations! (thanks to Louis Matthijssen!)
- You can logout now!
- An error along with a strack trace is now shown when the initial sync fails.
You can use it to inform me and make an issue!
- For the launcher icons vectors are now used on Android when it's supported
- Contributing is now easier, you don't have to sign a CLA anymore!
### Get Pattle
- **Android**
- **[F-Droid](**
- **[Google Play](**
- **[iOS (TestFlight)](**
### Issues or suggestions
If you stumble upon any issues or would like to suggest features,
[please do so here](!
You can [login via GitHub and](!
### Follow development
Follow development in [](!
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