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A new version has been pushed to F-droid!
This release is mostly focused on bug fixing and
bug reporting! This is why I urge **all users
who have been having problems before to try
Patle again!** Chances are that your problem has been
fixed, and if not, it will be reported with more information
so I can fix it!
When an error is reported, this data is sent:
- Operating system version
- Device model, brand, manufacturer and whether it's a simulator
- A unique ID based on your device
In some errors the homeserver domain is logged, I will try to prevent
this in the future.
This release also includes preperation for an iOS release
next week!
Fixes and other changes:
- Handle rooms that the user has left (a notice is shown
that you can't send any messages)
- Show a date header above the chat creation event (not the
first known event in the list as before)
- When an error occurs during sync, show a message, including
the Exception name
- Fix replies causing an error if the `formattedBody` does
not adhere to the spec (thanks to Mathieu!)
- Fix errors not showing when logging in
- Fix loading spinner showing when checking username or logging in
even if loading took less than 3 seconds
- Fix direct chats not detected when adder after the initial sync
- Some general syncing issues have been fixed (causing the dreaded
infinite loading spinner).
To install this release, add the following repo in F-droid:
And install 'Pattle'.
Or download the APK from the link.
If you stumble upon any issues,
[please report them](!
You can [login via GitHub and](
, so it's really easy to do! (Logging in via GitHub did not seem to work
previously, but it will now!)
Follow development here: [](!
If you would like to support me, you can now do so
via [Liberapay]( and
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