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A new version has been pushed to F-Droid, Google Play and TestFlight!
Pattle is now available on [Google Play](
and the [official F-Droid repository](!
⚠️ **This update requires a reinstall or clearing of data** ⚠️: Because of some database
changes which were not that easy to migrate, you'll have to reinstall the app or clear the data.
Expect the new version to be on most platforms in 2 days, and on Google Play
in a few hours.
### Changes
- Add a dark theme!
- Add basic settings page
- Add ability to change your own display name
- Allow multiple lines while typing a message
- Render line breaks in messages
- Fix issue where homeserver setting was overriden by the user domain
- Mark new messages as read while chat is opened
- Fix chats being sorted by your own display name change
- Fix multiple issues regarding the member count of room being null
![Preview image 1](
![Preview image 2](
### Get Pattle
- **Android**
- **[F-Droid](**
- **[Google Play](**
- **[APK](**
- **[iOS (TestFlight)](**
### Issues or suggestions
If you stumble upon any issues or would like to suggest features,
[please do so here](!
You can [login via GitHub and](!
### Follow development
Follow development in [](!
### Support me
If you would like to support me, you can do so
via [Liberapay]( and
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