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A new version has been released and will soon become
available on Google Play and TestFlight!
### Changes
- You can now play videos!
- The main public address (room alias) of chats are now shown in chat's details
- The time of sending is now always show on the right side for images
- Fix sending an image crashing the app
- Fix urls not being accounted for in time placement
- Fix chat input not scrolling
- Fix multiple issues regarding showing notifications
- F-Droid: All left-over proprietary code is now removed,
thanks to [Bubu]( for notifying me!
![Preview video](
### Get Pattle
- **Android**
- **[F-Droid](**
- **[Google Play](**
- **[iOS (TestFlight)](**
### Get involved
- **Follow development**: [](
- **Issues or suggestions**: [Post them here!](
- **Donate**: If you want to support Pattle, [you can donate!](
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